What should I write my references about?


Your references should be written in the third-person form. In other words, write your reference as if speaking to someone who has never met the person you are writing about. References are reciprocal; oftentimes, a POOSHer will write a reference about a build project host and the same build  project host will write a reference in response. As a POOSHer writing about a build  project host, you should say how my host was. Did he/she manage volunteers well? Was there food and accommodation provided? Did he/she treat volunteers with respect and create a good working environment?

As a build project host writing about a POOSHer, was he/she a good worker? Did he/she treat you and others in a friendly and inviting manner? Did you trust this person? How did this person affect the build project mood and environment? Overall, references should be written in a descriptive manner displaying what a person is like.