EU Supported Project


'ThePOOSH for DIY Environmental & Economic Alternatives' is the catalyst to physically construct a greener Europe and is supported by the European Union Youth Initiative (Action 1.2) Program


ThePOOSH for DIY Environmental & Economic Alternatives was initiated when James and Maarja returned from the USA where they had been staying with friends Eric Puro, Loren Heacock and Michael Beck. Acting upon discussions which had occurred between the friends in the States, James and Maarja shared their new ideas regarding sustainable housing and environmentally sustainable fuel alternatives with their UK friends: William Kitchener,  Kait McGeary, Nick Thorton, Kyle Far, Kat Attwell and Bethany Chubbock. Together as a group, the seven UK residents agreed that these topics should be, and can be, addressed by the UK's youth. 

The following project was proposed to the European Union and generous funding was received. ThePOOSH for DIY Environmental & Economic Alternatives has organically evolved faster and further than any members could have imagined and consequently is displayed within this larger web community now known simply as! 

ThePOOSH for DIY Environmental & Economic Alternatives focuses on promoting its objectives to UK youth, whilst is suited for virtually anyone, anywhere in the world looking to participate in a sustainable self-build project. 


To convert a diesel fueled vehicle so that it can run & tour the UK using used vegetable oil!! 

To promote sustainable building techniques and alternative fuels/modes of transport.

The project will be promoted using a vehicle converted to run using used vegetable oil gathered and donated by restaurants. The conversion will be undertaken in a group activity and recorded into a shared video available for free viewing via


Because sustainable self-build projects are a serious, rational and innovative response to some of the environmental challenges that face mankind in the 21st Century. 


The aims of the project will be met by implementing a UK educational awareness tour and creating an innovative and unique website (!). The project aims to promote and encourage the theoretical and practical skills associated with ‘Sustainable Self-Builds’  and 'Green Transportation' for United Kingdom youths.  


ThePOOSH for DIY Environmental & Economic Alternatives was initiated by an informal group of Europeans from England, with the intention to promote environmental awareness among its nation's young people by providing educational material, workshops, practical demonstrations and discussion groups which will take place in various public locations in the UK. The emphasis of our green living project will be that active changes can be made by all European youths to better themselves, their living space and the environment in which they share with others by adopting a do-it-yourself attitude! 



The 2012 UK veggie tour has, after 4 months, finally come to an end! It's been an eye-opening experience for both us and hopefully, those who we have visited and communicated with. There will be a final update/report submitted to the EU with highlights presented in our blog posts. 




6th September Introducing at Building and Housing Group Meeting at Transition Town Totnes

7th September Introducing to Schumacher College students (Devon)

8th September Introducing during the Eco-Open Houses Weekend (Devon)

13-15th September Introducing during the Over the Moon Festival (Brighton)

24th September Attending Transition Town Lewis social meeting (Lewis)

26th September Introducing Sustainability in Action meeting (Eastbourne)

26th September Introducing University of Sussex Environmental meeting

26th September Attending Green Drinks Brighton

27th September Introducing at University of East Anglia

28th September Introducing at Foodcycle Norwich

28th September Introducing at Transition Town Norwich meeting

6th October Introducing at Haringey Transition Town meeting (London)

6- 10th October Introducing at Transition Heathrow

14th October Visiting sustainable agriculture project Yorkley Court (Forest of Dean)

15- 21st October Visiting Heartwood Community (Wales)

16- 20th October Attending Education for Sustainable Development Seminar (ASHA Centre)

25- 28th October Visiting LAMMAS community (Wales)

27th October Introducing at Green Unconference (Bristol)

29- 31st October Visiting Brithdir Mawr community (Wales)

1-2nd November Visiting Spirit Land community (Wales)

3rd November Visting Tony & Faith Wrench "That Roundhouse"  (Wales)

7st November Visiting Old Chapel Farm Community (Wales)

8th of November Presenting and Sustaible build concepts at Sustainable Housing Manchester

 19th of November Presenting and Sustainable build concepts at Scotland's Rural College, Riverside Campus, Ayr 

22-29th of November Attending Act Locally- Sustainable Development& Young People Seminar in Mavrovo, Macedonia

29th of November Presenting and Sustainable build concepts at Imperial College London

16-20th of December Visiting the Findhorn Foundation (Scotland) 





'This project has been funded with support from the European Union. This publication/communication reflects the views only of the author, and the European Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of information contained therein.'