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I come from East of France(Doubs, Franche-Comte). Student in engineering school major in Energy & Environment courses. So, I can offer our skills and expertises in building construction, renewable energy, all sort of all sustainable works. Become a Poosher will be a wonderful work and fun experience.

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Why I Build Sustainably

I had seen a report on this architect (Michael Reynolds) and his projects next year in a French broadcasting, the brief presentation had interested me and I wanted to know more about it. I found this idea clever and original. Even with recycled materials we can realize big economy of heating. However we don’t pollute the planet. Every house is really customized and adapted to the geographical place.

Skills I would like to Work on or Share.

-Research innovative solutions for a vertical axis wind turbine in a three-student team. We learnt how to increase the power of a car alternator as recoil it. We also worked on an electrical control of produced energy. -I'm willing to do all kinds of work. -As a project engineer I was in charge of project of ecological autonomous generator conception and fulfillment, research on a system in order to detect vibration on micro wind turbine, revitalization of the biggest wind vertical axis turbine in the world (Cap-Chat, QC).

My Life Philosophy

-Everyday something new to discover -Do-It-Yourself -Take advantage of Nature profit
No experience in these building styles but i'm so glad to try an experience.

My Occupation

•Play saxophone for 13 years and musician in Pont-de-Roide wind section for 9 years •Sports: cycling, volley-ball, rugby •Travels: Canada, England, Scotland, Italia, Portugal, Iceland, USA, Sweden. •Geocaching
The fact that the Earthship is “off-the-grid” relieves the bills of water, electricity, food. We live with that the nature offers us. We can be completely independent. Also, we can give a second life in recycled material. For example, instead of burning tire, that pollutes the atmosphere, we can build with it our walls of houses. When tires are rammed earth, they have a very good thermal efficiency. Let’s be independent, let’s be free and intelligent. Let’s understand your capability to act and do great thing. Live simple, live green, live free.

My Education

After my scientific baccalaureat in Biology, I studied for two years at Institute of Technology of Belfort/Montbeliard in Thermal and Energy engineering courses. I completed these two years of studying with an internship in a wind turbine programs. Then I spent one year between Orleans (School/University) and Valence (Company) in engineering "sandwich" courses. Here I studied a smart building program. Today I'm a student in engineering school (University of Belfort Montbeliard) major in Energy & Environment courses.

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