Should I leave a negative reference?


Before writing a negative reference, please think carefully about this decision. References are taken seriously and abusive or offensive language will not be tolerated at However, if you should like to write a negative reference, please make sure that it is objective and rational. We do not believe that there will be many negative references, but the possibility certainly exists, specifically with the grey areas that is aware of like hours of work per day, food being provided, etc. Nonetheless, we believe that these details can be worked out between build site host and POOSHer in person. Be aware of cultural differences! ultimately aims to connect people from around our planet with a common goal: to have a variety of skilled and unskilled people work together towards a common goal of building sustainable structures, thus developing and fostering confidence and community. Try to work out disagreements "off the record." Strong emotions towards another POOSH member should be avoided. Rather, aim to be objective, honest and empathetic.