Use thePOOSH.org to learn & practice sustainable building techniques and methods! Be willing to work hard, long hours and in return you will play your part in improving this planet! Feel free to check other hospitality or networking sites if you feel you do not share our goals.

Not at all! Sustainable self-build projects, as with POOSHers, have the freedom to choose who they POOSH with and host. Make your profile as honest and interesting as possible! Sustainable self-build projects may have many POOSH requests, so try to make yours stand out from the others! Show interest in their build and lifestyle. Highlight any skills, knowledge and experiences that you may have!

That's fine. Situations change for everyone from time to time. Be courteous and inform them of any changes in plenty of time. If you feel you can no longer POOSH long term, there is no need to delete your account as you may wish to use it in the future!

Once again, that depends on the sustainable self-build project that you POOSH for. It is advised that sustainable self-build projects state on their profile a minimum or maximum time in which individual POOSHers can stay and volunteer with them.

Yes! This is one of the main advantages of using thePOOSH.org! Show enthusiam, energy and the willingness to learn and it is inevitable that you will gain many new sustainable living and building methods and techniques! Maybe one day you will be a build project host yourself!

This will, of course, vary between build  projects. If you have skills, experiences or qualifications related to building, be sure to list them on your profile! If not, do not panic!! ThePOOSH.org is the perfect opportunity to learn and develop new skills. It's more than likely that you have other skills to bring to a sustainable build project - everyone likes someone who can cook, right? Or maybe you are that person who can tell a great campfire story, play a musical instrument or teach a foreign language? Green thumbs in the garden!? ThePOOSH.org is about exchanges of all types with the end goal to increase global awareness and get people active in sustainable building.

Unfortunately not. However, search the internet for various grants and funding! Check out how thePOOSH gained EU funding for its Veggie Promo Tour!

No. ThePOOSH.org is not responsible or liable for any accidents, events or issues that may occur at build  projects, or between its members. Look out for yourself and others and be comfortable about asking build project hosts any questions regarding your safety! For more information, see our Terms of Service.

Sometimes. ThePOOSH.org is for both skilled and unskilled people! Build project hosts are encouraged to enter their previous building experiences plus any relevent qualifications that they may have. Often with sustainable self-builds, the skills required (to cob, for example) are basic and can quickly be learned by anyone. View profiles, be open-minded and be willing to teach and be taught by those that have a desire to share.

Lead by example! Share literature, documentaries and interesting websites with others! Look into using public transport, alternative fuel types (as thePOOSH.org did on our EU Veggie Promo Tour), ride shares and possible hitching. Be available to talk! Communication, especially at meal times, can be one of the best forms of informal learning! You can even find a group that is talking about this or start one of your own.

Yes, although this can be a grey area as to what exactly passes as a sustainable build project. Some build projects may not be fully sustainable. POOSHers should not feel obligated to volunteer on a build project they deem unsustainable.  Check out thePOOSH.org's page on sustainable building for a little guidance on what to expect.

Obviously, there is no one answer for this! As with POOSHers, build project hosts can potentially be anyone from anywhere in the world! Exciting? It could be someone just like you who once was a POOSHer, but now having learnt and practiced the required skills, is now planning a build project of their own! View profiles and connect with the right people for you. ThePOOSH.org is here to make it easier and more culturally interesting to volunteer whilst gaining new experiences and skills!

This depends on the build project host that you are staying with. ThePOOSH.org encourages build  project hosts to provide nutritional meals suited for high energy work. Should you have any special dietary requirements, contact your proposed sustainable self-build  project prior to arriving.

Currently, there are no fees to be any type of POOSH member! However, we do ask that you consider donating as thePOOSH.org is a registered NGO and always in need of funds!

This will vary between sustainable build  projects and is not the decision of thePOOSH.org. Build  project hosts have the opportunity to state what they expect of POOSHers on their build project listing. However, open communication between build  project hosts and POOSHers about expected work time per day is essential!

No. In exchange for your labour, you will be provided shelter (room/tent/bed/floor space) or an area to pitch a tent/park a camper van. ThePOOSH.org encourages build  projects to provide meals and water.

POOSHers are the individual members who wish to volunteer at sustainable self-build projects.