Richard Roberts's Strawbale Workshop

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I have deleted all the content for this project because of the large number of spam comments below and my inability to remove them. If you are interested in what I have been building, please have a look at my blogs below "My Websites".

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Individual Builder (ie: Personal Home or Structure)

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Straw Bale

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We will provide the food

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Build Project Completed

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New Structure

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26 May 2014

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David Allen's picture

 Are you needing POOSHERS from Aug 1st this year? I'm available and will be in the area.
Yours David Allen

Richard Roberts's picture

Thanks for the offer. Nothing in August, next phase of building is end of Sep and beginning of October.
Gemma Sayers's picture

i live not so far from yourself, i nsuffolk

im looking to straw bale wrap our house for insulation, so i want to take part in as many straw builds as possible to learn how - can i come and volunteer on your house please? i understand from your profile writeup that end sept/oct is likely - will this be the foudation laying? thats the bit im particularly keen to learn.

im free and flexible as unemployed

im a member of ipswichs only housing cooperative - check out our blog we;ve been hemcreting and lime palstering! :-)

01473 213 575
Richard Roberts's picture

Hi Gemma. I have sent you a friend request, and will send you a message about where I'm up to.
jennie debenham's picture

Hey Richard,

I wondered if your still looking for volunteers? Im based in Cambridge and would love to get involved.


Richard Roberts's picture

If you want to volunteer on this project, I suggest you send me a message on this site (select "Messages" on the Profile tab). If you leave a comment on this page, I may not see it for a while - I don't get a notification by email.
Oskar Feeney's picture

I am in Norwich and available to help out tuesday the 27th and wednesday the 28th if you're still looking for volunteers?
I don't have any experience of straw bale construction but eager to learn! 
Gemma Sayers's picture

Hi Richard, its Gemma again - im in Italy after having received funding to do a course in teaching lime and clay plastering, like Jennie who also posted here. But am wondering how best now to maintain momentum with this and am thinknig to come back to the UK for summer season plastering work - do you have all the volunteers youre looking for? With expertise in plastering in particular, or mgiht i be useful to help you just with that if i come back and come to your proejct..?
Im skypeable under the name gemmascugnizza it would be good to talk!
Buona Fortuna

Yamina Nater's picture

I am planning on traveling though the E.U. and U.K. this fall and would love to help out with your project. I am a fast learner and a hard worker and am very much interested in sustainable, tiny home living. I look forward to hearing from you.
Michael Beck's picture

Hey Richard. Apologies for the SPAM, it is an issue we have been dealing with.

I have deleted the comments and accounts they came from. It would be great to continue to share your ongoing projects with the international POOSH community!

Richard Roberts's picture

Hey Michael. Thanks for your message and for tidying up this page. So - just two spam postings in the last seven days, so it's an improvement but not a solution. I'm a big fan of The POOSH and what you are doing, but this is a problem and I would remove this entire project page if I was able to do so. There are still links to my project blogs on my POOSH profile, (and I am able to moderate the comments on the blog.)
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Richard Roberts's picture

Richard Roberts's picture