Putting down roots, home.

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It has been a year and a half since I sat down to write a blog post -- I am VERY excited to announce that the States-side POOSH Team now has 62 acres of beautiful land to call home as of July 6, 2015!!! 


After searching for nearly a year in Oregon, Washington state, California, Idaho, Michigan and Ohio, we have landed in Rockcastle County, Kentucky, 9 miles south of the progressive cultural hub of Berea, KY. The land has everything we were looking for and more, including springs, a mix of meadow and deciduous forest, caves, waterfalls, hills...it truly is a naturalist's playground. 


Additionally, the surrounding several miles is full of people pioneering community projects, a VERY strong local food movement and a generous and bright community of beautiful humans that accepted us with open hearts and allowed us to feel immediately welcome. We look forward to collaborating with Ziggy and April from The Year of the Mud blog who just acquired land down the road, as well as people from all walks of life that are genuinely interested in living radically and exploring what it means to get back in touch with our roots in Nature.


 We are currently in the vision process for what we want to practically do on the land. We plan to observe, clean and develop our relationship with the land through autumn of this year into the winter. In spring-time of 2016, we plan on beginning the construction of a community kitchen/small living spaces, as well as some annual gardening that will transition into a perennial food forest system. This is not a 3 or 5 year plan we are designing -- this is a 150 to 500 year plan that we would love to share with generations to come. 

mesophytic forest


 Feel free to contact us to visit. We want many people to help. It will be a POOSH project as soon as we start building next year, opening the door for hundreds of people to learn hands-on natural building for FREE! 


 I look forward to updating you, thePOOSH Community, in our activities on the land in the near future. In the mean time, build something great.



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Poosh sounds SO cool-just heard of it tonight -afraid it was defunct.  Delighted to know that you are in Kentucky!!  So am I! On Jessamine/Mercer Co. line. I definitely am looking forward to visiting you soon, finding out more about poosh, and activities around Berea.
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Hey Gail, wonderful!! Feel free to come on down to Berea any time! PM me for my number if you want to get in touch!

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Just found out about The Poosh from a builder who just returned from Ecuador, where I am moving in two months! Looking forward to forming a team with whom to build some structures down on my newly forming intentional community, on the coast: www.thepoosh.org/buildproject/catherine-campion/earth-homes-tree-houses-terra-nova-de-corazon  Color me inspired by this community!
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