Building a natural bridge

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natural bridge

As autumn settles in and the first frosts arrive, we have recently finished the building of our little natural bridge! Built with hand-hewn round wood, we selectively chose trees from our forest in overly-dense areas. Most of the trees are around 30 years old and the bridge is a combination of sycamore, one random cedar piece we found already fallen, maple and poplar, which we found to be the easiest to split by FAR (and, as a result, why the second half or left side in the photo, took half the time and is more neatly fit together!). We used friction and the convenient "Y's" in a fallen sycamore to wedge between two trees overhanging the creek as support and are very happy that the bridge is fully supported without nailing into a living tree!

bridge eagleeye 

This bridge gives us access to the beautiful land that we are lucky enough to call home. We envision weeping willow trees planted on the corners of the bridge that we can encourage to grow up alongside the bridge, down underneath the bridge for additional support and handrails, then crisscrossing back around over the bridge and to the other side; sort of a spiral willow tunnel.

painting rocks and sycamoreWe are looking forward to a winter full of intriguing conversation, lots of tea and stews and developing a group commitment to a design of the first bigger structure on our land! 

Want to get involved with thePOOSH Community? We are openly searching for bloggers, graphic designers, page styling help and any other collaborative ideas people have -- don't hesitate to contact us! 



Practically, we are in search of a reed (Phragmites spp.) bed in or near eastern Kentucky that we could manage for thatching purposes. Any leads would be helpful.

Finally, we are in the beginning design phases of a different type of "natural buildng" than we have attempted before -- a community food forest. We are actively searching for perennial seedlings/seeds/saplings/etc as well as advice, collaboration and exchanges....trades, offers or donations are very welcome.

Until next time, build something great (and share it with us)!

fall colors


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