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Meet the newest member of the POOSH team, me! (April)

Hiya, POOSHers!  I’m April and the newest member of thePOOSH team. I recently joined the team after helping these guys to build a yogaship— yoga studio earthship-style— in Portugal.

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What timeline are you on?

Natural and sustainable building is a bit of a different process than most of the buildings you see around today. But how? I hope to shed a bit of light on this subject in this blog post.

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Is there a natural builder personality?

What does it take to be a natural builder?

I believe that anybody can learn natural building skills. I look at myself as an example. Two years ago, I couldn't tell you what an earthship was. Since then, I've been in full-power natural building mode, involved in many projects and thinking/talking/dreaming about natural and sustainable building.

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The confusing decisions of old folks in Portugal. Or are they?

I've had a recurring thought lately about personal choices that people make in a lifetime. Some of these are small (“Shall I eat my fifth delicious Portugal orange now or later?”) and some of these are large (Shall I get an office job that pays me millions of dollars or do I choose to live and work for the future I want to see?”). Small or large, these decisions make up a person's life and, to make an understatement, deserve some attention.

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