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Is there a natural builder personality?

What does it take to be a natural builder?

I believe that anybody can learn natural building skills. I look at myself as an example. Two years ago, I couldn't tell you what an earthship was. Since then, I've been in full-power natural building mode, involved in many projects and thinking/talking/dreaming about natural and sustainable building.

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Building Man - Re-modeling the 'Green' Festival.

Building Man Festival is a unique festival whose time, thankfully, has finally begun! Inspired by the well-established Burning Man Festival which annually sets up camp in the barren Nevada desert, USA, Building Man shares comparisons with their gift lead economy. The innovative formula, however, is that unlike Burning Man, which has adopted a 'leave no trace' ethos, Building Man proudly stands for the complete opposite!

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The confusing decisions of old folks in Portugal. Or are they?

I've had a recurring thought lately about personal choices that people make in a lifetime. Some of these are small (“Shall I eat my fifth delicious Portugal orange now or later?”) and some of these are large (Shall I get an office job that pays me millions of dollars or do I choose to live and work for the future I want to see?”). Small or large, these decisions make up a person's life and, to make an understatement, deserve some attention.

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