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Building a natural bridge

natural bridge

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Putting down roots, home.

It has been a year and a half since I sat down to write a blog post -- I am VERY excited to announce that the States-side POOSH Team now has 62 acres of beautiful land to call home as of July 6, 2015!!! 


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Meet the newest member of the POOSH team, me! (April)

Hiya, POOSHers!  I’m April and the newest member of thePOOSH team. I recently joined the team after helping these guys to build a yogaship— yoga studio earthship-style— in Portugal.

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Getting out of your element: On community involvement

On my walk down to the beach that I currently use as my temporary office (yes, I am lucky, I tell myself this every day!), I saw some pleasant looking travelers. We stopped and exchanged greetings; it turns out they were looking for the community I'm currently living at. What a coincidence! In past situations where strangers are spontaneously looking to visit where I'm currently living, my initial response has been somewhat fear-based: How long are they intending to stay? Will they contribute or is this just a "green" vacation? Are they nice, respectful people?

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What is community to you?

Lately I've been thinking quite a bit about community; the people that surround you in your life and the dynamic, cooperation and dedication it takes to bring a community together to achieve something greater than just you or you and your partner could have created. The individual parts that work together to make the greater whole.

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Building Man - Re-modeling the 'Green' Festival.

Building Man Festival is a unique festival whose time, thankfully, has finally begun! Inspired by the well-established Burning Man Festival which annually sets up camp in the barren Nevada desert, USA, Building Man shares comparisons with their gift lead economy. The innovative formula, however, is that unlike Burning Man, which has adopted a 'leave no trace' ethos, Building Man proudly stands for the complete opposite!

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Restorative Design


Last week, I had a wonderful conversation with a lovely lady named Fiona. She is actively working to organize an ecovillage on 125 acres in Sandy just 40 minutes from her current home in Portland, Oregon, USA. We talked for hours discussing the merits of sustainable living, travel, consumption and community. 

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Reflections of city living and happiness in a rural setting.

In this blog post, I'd like to give some of my thoughts on urban vs. rural living, largely framed within my experiences of living both in cities and outside of cities. I've lived in cities (Vancouver and Seattle) for six years, both studying and working. It was a good experience for me, a new one, but since moving out of the cities, I do not miss much about city life (the few things I do miss are live music shows and certain people).

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Bamboo Bike Tour Update!

We (Loren and Michael from the POOSH Team and their good friend Sean) entered Portugal on the southern coast via hitch-hiking. We made our way to Sagres and then started heading north along the west coast of Portugal. We were told of a place that would possibly be a good place for our project near Sintra so we started heading that way. After getting stranded in rural Portugal and having a couple 10 km hiking days with our heavy packs, we eventually made it to Lisbon.

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Indiegogo Update

As you may know, for the past several months (well June to December to be precise) I (Leah) have been travelling around europe with a possey of crazy kids--sleeping in tents (and sometimes on sofas), cooking over campfires, travelling in a rundown retired taxi van, and helping build houses.


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